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Newsalert: Gott ist doch nicht tot

alphagalileo weist auf die Buchvernissage hin, an der Keith Ward sein neues Werk vorstellt namens "Pascals Fire":

God was declared dead by Friedrich Nietzsche in 1883 and will be announced very much alive by Professor Keith Ward next week. Professor Ward, Gresham Professor of Divinity, and a Fellow of the British Academy, who has become well known for his views on the relationship between science and religion, will launch his new book, Pascal’s Fire, at Gresham College on Tuesday 27 June at 6pm. In Pascal’s Fire, published by Oneworld Publications, Professor Ward will assert that although God may indeed have come under severe attack several times over the centuries, there has been a recent shift, which has led to scientists, particularly theoretical physicists, discussing God again. (…) He commented: “Not only is God back on the agenda, a great deal of modern science – some of it developed only at the very end of the 20th century – can be seen as positively pointing to the existence of God, in the sense of a cosmic intelligence, as the ultimate basis of physical reality.”